AMAZE your audience

ShowBrd provides an immersive experience that takes your events and branding to new heights

driven by a passion for drones

First in Belgium  to deliver precisely choreographed drone light shows 

 100% Customizable

Our Process


We identify your needs and requirements

Feasibility control

• Safety and security
• Environment and weather
Local and national authorities

offer acceptance

Offer acceptance and approval of all stakeholders

show design

Short development cycles with major customer involvement


3D simulations and on-location test flights

final show

Your story will light up the nightsky


the sky is the limit


It all began as a small hobby project, assembling our first drone in the weekends with parts we bought on the internet (don’t worry though, the drones we use are safe and have a great track record).

One thing led to another and here we are now, shooting a whole fleet of whooshing lightbulbs in the sky – simply marvelous! With ShowBrd, we are now putting drone light spectacles on the map in Belgium.

Make sure to take a look at our promo vids, we’re sure you’ll be drone – uhh – blown away!


Don’t worry about the technical stuff: as a team of industrial electronics and IT engineers, partnering up with a well-proven software company, we’ve got you covered!



Our team will be more than happy to talk you through our process, and work with you to identify the best solution that suits your requirements

Ghent, Belgium

+32 475 30 02 67
+32 475 54 22 16

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